Happy Birthday Kid Nostalgia! (2022)

1 year… I haven’t done 1 year’s worth of stuff. Welp, why not do that today! To the best of my efforts, I’m not doing 341 reviews today. Now, I’m not starting until after lunch, so keep an eye out at about 1 or 2 o’clock. Thanks for reading!

Thoughts and Ideas of Kid Nostalgia

Okay, this IS NOT a review. I just want to talk about what may come in the future. Of coarse, first of all, eventually kid nostalgia will turn into teen nostalgia which means we have a much wider range of films we can review. And ever now and then, we can do something a bit different. Like this for example! Also, I am… imaginative to put it lightly. That means I have lots of ideas, and I write short stories regularly. It is up to you whether I start posting some of these stories or not. Also, there will be several events where I do as normal, but, well, it’s special! In fact two are coming this month! So, keep an eye out. Also, feel free to comment ideas, like what to review for example. And, as you’ve been noticing for the past month, I’m trying to review a bit more. Not like daily, don’t expect that, but I am trying to do it more often. Eventually, I’ll find a system. Like, weekly or something. I do read comments (when I occasionally get them) so really, feel free to comment. Just a short little statement, thanks for reading!